Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Surgiversary ME!

Whoo hooo One year ago today I started one of if not the most exciting journey of my life. I would never ever go back... only forward and not one regret. Every day is new day, every day is a new challenge and every day there is joy that I am where I am and I look forward to tomorrow.
Am I successful every single day ? nope but the majority of every day yup!
Congratulations ME.
This has been the shortest year I have ever had and the longest and the most fulfilling and the worst full of agony and pathos.
I will NEVER regret this!
On a side note today in the obits was a notice for Marian the first actual person I ever met that had WLS. She lost 100 plus pounds about 20 years ago when the surgery removed a lot of intestine. She passed away more than 80 years old and I am certain she lived that long due to the enormous amount of weight she lost. She was truly a success! An early success and mentored me a bit to think about surgery.
Rest in Peace Marian!