Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top 10 Changes in my Life since I had Gastric Bypass

1.   I can walk long distances and only get bored not tired.
2.   When I walk I can feel the air whistling past my lady parts (Thanks to tummy tuck surgery that ALLOWED me to now have my lady parts within "view")
3.   I can walk up a curb... even 14 inch curbs in the street without having to use something to hike me up.
4.   I can walk up stairs unaided by a handrail.
5.   I can easily turn in bed.
6.   I can stand for long periods of time.
7.   I can put on my shoes without sitting down first.
8.   I can step into my slacks without sitting down...I can step INTO them standing.
9.   Airplane seat belt HURRAH!!!
10.  I can collect a can or package of food for every pound I've lost for the annual Food Drive. Thank you Eggface for the idea!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Post Weight Loss Surgery Yes or No?

A dream for me... way out there somewhere was to actually have some kind of surgery on my tummy "someday". The opportunity has arisen and suggested and pushed by my surgeon to have it now that I have to have another surgery. One hospitalization one co pay... great idea. Oh ... yes did you know that these insurance companies are NOT your friend? I am very grateful that my insurer paid for my RNY and 33 months ago I had that surgery and have now lost almost 200 pounds.
This is the deal... my insurer will pay to have my tummy lopped off BUT will NOT pay to have what I thought was a Tummy Tuck. My pannis hangs well below and almost halfway to my knees and that's a good thing because they will pay a small portion to have it hacked off ....but no muscle tightening, no invisible dissoluble stitches and no contouring... what they will allow is staples (OUCH) and a night or two in the hospital and the skin hacked off. If I want the other version it will cost me about $6,000.00 ... so the question is... do I spend $6,000.00 EXTRA to get a relatively flat abdomen and my musckles tightened? Or just get it hacked off and stapled? What would you do? it's not like I am going to wear a bikini any time soon (or ever again). Am I going to have another intimate new relationship? It's not like that is my only flaw and it's not like others in my age range don't have scars and stuff.  $6000.00 in additon to my deductibles that's over 12k... but honestly I have to pay about 6k for suregry anyway... what's another 6?
I hadn't realized how awful my tummy was untilt hey took pictures in the plastic surgeons office I handed them my camera and asked them to take a couple shots too. Oh ohhhh my thighs! Oy vey!