Tuesday, August 10, 2010

hahaha Driver License

My life is sooo very exciting... and so full of ahhhhhhh moments recently. I screwed up the post about getting a test done and being handed a gown and asking the nurse if the gown would fit me and she looked at me oddly and said "uhhh Yes!" It was just a natural reaction from a formerly fat, very fat ok morbidly super obese person. I was so shocked I took a picture... hmm I wonder if I can load a picture? Oh yes I did it! hahaha Please note sweater and shirt still on as I was freezing! See it's a 3 arm gown and I was able to fit in it Yeahhhhh me!
Ok so today I had to make a copy of my license and noticed that I am 3 pound below what my Drivers license says I am!! Geez to think it took me 78 weeks to get to my DL weight but at least I'm there!
hahahaha Ain't life grand?