Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top 10 Changes in my Life since I had Gastric Bypass

1.   I can walk long distances and only get bored not tired.
2.   When I walk I can feel the air whistling past my lady parts (Thanks to tummy tuck surgery that ALLOWED me to now have my lady parts within "view")
3.   I can walk up a curb... even 14 inch curbs in the street without having to use something to hike me up.
4.   I can walk up stairs unaided by a handrail.
5.   I can easily turn in bed.
6.   I can stand for long periods of time.
7.   I can put on my shoes without sitting down first.
8.   I can step into my slacks without sitting down...I can step INTO them standing.
9.   Airplane seat belt HURRAH!!!
10.  I can collect a can or package of food for every pound I've lost for the annual Food Drive. Thank you Eggface for the idea!