Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A WOW moment flat on my butt :)

It was a GREAT moment this morning. An unseasonably wet morning and I as usual went out to retrieve my newspaper. I was wearing my slippers that are worn thin and whoops I slipped and splat fell flat down on my fanny! This in itself was freaky... so why was I smiling? I could GET UP WITH NO HELP!!! This has been my biggest nightmare and one of the 120,998 reasons why I chose to have WLS surgery the fear that if and when I fell I would not be able to get myself up. I tripped at work one day a few months ago and others rushed to help me... but I kinda felt as though I could have done it myself but was to timid to try it again by myself. I not only was able to get up I did it this morning with absolutely no problems. Well except to see if my fanny is going to be black and blue tomorrow... but I was laughing and ^5ing myself as I went up the stairs! What a great way to start the day! I can GET UP!!!