Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week 60

Wowee Zowee... how is it possible? If I looked forward 58 weeks ago I would not and could not have imagined the changes in my body that would occur over the next year. I had no clue. Yes I have hanging chads... errr skin issues and yes I have psoriasis now which is an autoimmune disease which is largely from stress and is chronic. But many people only have to endure one outbreak and I am hopefully that this is my one. I am taking steroids for it which I am not crazy about taking but this may help to control the symptoms. There is no cure and no real studies going on apparently. It can be aggravated by stress and about a zillion other things.
The good news is things could be worse A LOT WORSE and for that I am very grateful.
My skin issues are not a surprise but I am surprised at how a modest 2. - 2.5 pound loss a week for a year could create this much skin and I still have almost 100 pounds to go. Oy vey!
I am a new GP Dr. She pointed at my stomach and said... "Are you going to do something with that?" I hadn't really considered it and if truth is known any time someone mentioned it I recoiled in horror. Why would I have my skin cut off INTENTIONALLY? Can you can I imagine the pain of having yards and yards of skins surgically removed? Ewwww But a couple friends have told me that after all of this hard work don;t you deserve to have a body in clothing that looks more than just a hanging deflated bag that sways too and fro... OH. Ohhhhhhhhhhh
Now It's becoming more clear. Maybe I need to change my Insurance deductible to a lower level. What are you thinking about?

I did not mean to type about skin issues. But I guess I was thinking about it more than I thought I was.

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  1. I really want to have my extra skin removed when all is said and done. I have a long way to go, but the loose skin is already starting to bug me!