Friday, May 15, 2009

95 Days Post Op

I weighed in today at the Dr.'s office and am down 41 pounds since surgery (02-09) and since August 2008 down a total of 72 pounds. Dr says this is more weight loss than he typically sees however I wonder (of course) if he is just saying this to be nice. 1/2 a pound a day is fine he says as this is NOT a race. Do not compare, do not judge, just pay attention to why and what you are eating during this 1st few months so that if your weigh loss slows down you will have developed habits. That makes sense. My BMI has gone done from 70% (yes 70!!) to 60% although super duper obese is still morbidly obese obese but I'll take 10 points down on my BMI.

He asked me if I eat everything on my plate. I generally eat on a small salad plate and told him no. He says then adjust the portion size so that you eat the smaller portion. He says that if I put more on my plate I will find that in 3 years I will be eating it all. I need an even smaller plate I think :)
Nausea that plagued me for the 1st 8 weeks is now 97% gone in the AM. Just this morning I was feeling ick but no real nausea. I asked him if there was a nerve that controls nausea in the stomach or is it just in the brain or inner ear? He said that there is a nerve that can make you nauseous located in the stomach which comes from the brain and that totally answers the why about my nausea. I can imagine it got confused with the surgery and was hyper sensitive for those weeks.
Food is going good. I can eat almost everything now although sometimes I eat too fast or too much and it hurts - hurts so much the only relief is to urp it up... which is an immediate improvement. That is NOT the solution however and I recognize that.
That has been a steep learning curve and one that I have not yet conquered. It is one bite from thinking I may be full to being stuffed and that is the issue. ONE bite! Probably the biggest issue I have had. I think it just takes more experience.
I am beginning to see the difference in clothing. I hope to be able to transition to my last years summer clothes and then toss or recycle those and buy a few things for fall. They have an exchange at the Dr's office so I will drop off the clothes that are decent there periodically.
So that's my update.
No food head issues yet but I am sure that will come.

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