Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Blessings or ... gee it's not fun to eat anymore!

Amazing but true. Eating or rather the act of eating is a lost art. A HUGE part of any Holiday used to be the meal. I think normal weight people loved the meal too .. right? But it appears now as they don't... well at least I no longer enjoy it. I love the look and smell of the food but honestly, it's just not fun eating anymore. No matter where I go or who I eat with... eating is an ordeal of epic portions. My eyes are still bigger than my stomach although when I look at their plates I am shocked knowing that just 2 short years ago my plate was at least that overflowing large as well. Mine looks miserly as a comparison but then eating it also becomes an event. Protein first yummy, potatoes or veggies a bite or two then Protein., and wow I'm almost too full.. gotta slow down gotta be careful... what a drag! But 200 pounds less of a drag and frankly I 'll TAKE IT!
Merry Christmas!

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