Monday, December 27, 2010

A good thought

I have an issue that is undiagnosed. I have huge calves. My Doctors says I am carrying about 50-60 pounds of weight in my lower legs. Is it lymphodema or not? I have no reason to have it as it generally affects just one limb and it is a by product of Chemo generally after Breast cancer. I have not had cancer and my calves have always been larger than my body but my ankles are still AWOL.
The fact is my calves are huge... and have been for years although now that I have lost just about 200 pounds it is more noticeable. No cure... no real treatment. Just keep losing weight and see what happens. Went to a specialist and have now seen 3 Doctors... no studies being done, no research on it. A good friend mentioned to me today however that even if I have only 30 pounds of water in my legs I have reached the over 200 pounds lost! And that is a VERY GOOD THING :)

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