Tuesday, January 11, 2011

UGhhhh Some habits die hard. DIE bad habits DIE!

We got cookies at the office for Christmas and the can is down to the final few. Sure I take a couple now and then. I am not a cookie fiend so I feel that a cookie occasionally if properly administered is ok. HOWEVER
Knowing that the cookie tin is shrinking and seeing others go to the cookie tin and remove what may be the final cookies really bothers me. WHY?
I can buy cookies if I want and any amount that I want if I want to.
I don't mind sharing.
I don't NEED them.
Am i just being greedy?
Am I compelled to have cookies?
I think this is by-product of my overweight of so many years I feel competitive.
I want them to leave me the last cookie... after all I'm the boss.
Oh PLEASE! Buy your own darn cookies or not.
They are employees for heaven's sake let them have them!!
They are just COOKIES!
Ok I feel better... kinda.
BRB I need to see if the cookies are gone... hehehe
I want the empty tin too.
PS there were Holiday cookies in the freezer from Christmas 2009 here and I threw them away when the 2010 cookies started arriving. WHAT is the ISSUE you dim wit?
Buy your own darn cookies if you want a cookie so bad.
Die urge for cookies DIE!

Anyone else feel so compulsed for some food item?
I hate this feeling!


  1. Only anything with sugar in it! I feel your pain.

  2. hahah Thanks
    Past the See's phase now and the Holiday cookie mess. Easter is my next BIG cnady day UGH!