Wednesday, February 2, 2011

103 Weeks out

Yeah one more week and I will be at two year surgiversary! Wow the time has flown by which is a testament in any one's hesitancy to have the surgery I am thinking.
HAVE IT and the time just slips by. Which it would have done anyway ... but wow what a great couple of years with a lot of learning and a lot of good experiences.
I was at group the other night and sat next to woman who I sat next to 13 months ago she told me. She had just had surgery a week or two previously and I was impressed that she was out and about and COOKING for her family at 2 weeks from surgery!
13 months later and we look FABBBBBBULOUS although we both have more weight to lose... she about the same as I but not the same kind of weight. My legs are the issue and she is still overall a little plump. Will try and do a more reflective post on my surgiversary on the 9th but need to formulate a little more.

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