Friday, June 3, 2011

Just so I won't forget....

Since this is ALL ABOUT ME.
A new vendor came into the office a couple times and wanted to take me out to lunch. I largely don't "do" lunch with strangers and particularly vendor who may or may not be here today and gone tomorrow so I was joking with hm and said my table manners were atrocious and I was not a good or suitable lunch attendee (I told (suggested) her take my assistant out for lunch). He looked at me and said "Gee, come on look at you how much could you eat? WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA that shocked me ... in  a good way 1st because he never ever knew me at almost 400 pounds and 2nd because I am so small... well except for my giant legs and he had only seen me behind the desk. BLEW MY MIND! whooppeee
Also went on my 1st hike in many years in Crestline this past weekend... a mountainous area about 4000 ft. IN So. California and over uneven terrain and although I did suffer from a lack of confidence I did complete the very short hike 9Maybe a mile or a little more) and went up and down. Another thing - a non-scale victory and something I haven't done for almost 10 years I'd bet.
Yeah Meeeeeeeeeeee Thank you to my Dr. as well... he made this possible so I tanked him yesterday when I had my quarterly visit. 28 months today!

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