Thursday, June 25, 2009

This is NOT a Race

I am back on track. I feel good. Had my 1st sugar rush yesterday and was kinda quaky all day and had too much unprotected sun. Did not intentionally eat sugar just too many carbs in the AM which i guess turned to sugar. I thought I was okay and was headed out to visit a work site but got shaky and sickly and weak but took a shower and was okay. I need to mix protein in with a carb. So this morning I had string cheese and a graham cracker. That was fine. Not really testing myself anymore hopefully that was just a phase. Am 302 today and want to be under 300 sooo bad and then 279 which is what I was in 1997. Hopefully this time next week I will be at or under 300 and try to get to 279 by Sept. 1st that's 10 weeks at 2 pounds a week. Gee at 291 I will be down 100 pounds since August 1st. I need to set a goal of walking more every day and see if I can get to 291 by August 1 that's 36 days.. I think I can do it. 11 pounds in 36 days. whoo hoo!

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