Tuesday, September 15, 2009

7 months and a few days out

It's amazing how long it's been since February 9th until today. 31 weeks that's a LONGGGGGG time and it has been worth every single upset stomach & every single barf. I am almost to 1/2 way which if I was thinking about this a year ago (And I was) I would not have imagined actually getting here... uhm there (Whatever). I lost 4 pounds last week and have my 7th month appointment with the Dr. this Thursday where they said they will be taking blood tests for nutrient levels. I am curious what they will say. My big elephant legs are a concern to a couple of my friends. They (They being my legs she says in an oddly third person kinda way)... do not seem to be losing weight. My right leg however is smaller than my left by about two inches around the calf. I told them talk to me in another 100 pounds if my legs are still this big. They made me promise to talk to the Dr. about my legs. okay okay but we DO talk about my legs each time I go to see him. He is more concerned about how my legs will be flopping around after I lose weigh in them. Do they (They?) do plastic surgery on calves? I imagine so. Maybe like the 1930's when women wore hosiery with seams up the back heehehe Yeah like that is $10K that I want to use on calf plastic surgery. OHHHH please with this chicken neck? Any 10K can be spent on my chicken neck. Or the worlds largest inventory of turtlenecks from Lands End. I love those luxuriously combed cotton turtle necks from Lands End. Me and Kathryn Hepburn turtlenecks are awesome. Then I can spend $10k on travel.

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