Thursday, January 14, 2010

WTF is Cumin?

Am I the only person who doesn't particularly care for Bacon? Now that I am 48 (YES 48 Weeks!) weeks post op I have discovered that I lose weight more consistently when I cook from scratch. Prior to surgery I was about a 75% fast food person . Honestly though I wasn't a hamburger, fries and a shake girl but a grilled chicken sandwich and a lemonade and maybe a starch but probably not. Yeah Yeah Yeah almost 400 pounds and you ate lettuce leaves right ? No really but I ate too much and too often perhaps. ANYWAY I also ate a egg mcMuffin's and that can't be just good food right?
So Post op and past the slimey egg stage I started to reintroduce myself to food. Well not so much. For the 1st 8 weeks and longer I was struggling with still being massively overweight and throwing up at almost every meal. The 1st 8 weeks it was nausea every day. So the POINT (Get to the point) I still ate some fast foods. I ate the grilled chicken salad. like about 4 bites. I ate a El Pollo Loco leg and the soup at El Pollo omgoodness the soup saved me... it was hot and nutritious I felt almost human and I didn't barf.
Gradually however as I begin to be more mobile for longer than 10 minutes at a time, my cooking gene became aroused. I stared experimenting with old favorites and then new stuff and I became interested in looking at cook books and EggFace became my (unbeknownst to her) my mentor. I WISH I had the time and the brains she has to create as she does.
I now cook if at all possible once at least a week and make enough for several meals. I am way into casseroles with meat and beans and this weekend I have big plans for those 2 chicken breasts that were left from my meals in restaurants and am planning a leek and chicken soup. Oh Yuma Arizona.
ANYWAY I had a point. Yup I did, Yes I did I DID!
Cumin - WTF is Cumin and why is it featured prominently at my favorite Trader Joe's and why didn't I pick it up last night because it appears EVERYWHERE in every silly recipe and Paula Deen I think says it's smokey and yummy or is that garlic and butter? Or is it Ina?
Oh Never mind. Well TJ's didn't have Leeks either so I have to go to a regular grocery and get those so perhaps CUMIN the miracle spice is on my list if it's under $4.00 a jar (note to self: look up Cumin and see what it is in a Mexican spice as those are so much cheaper at the market)
OK I'm done ... for the moment. :) As you were

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